The Avant team won ‘Best Upcycled Fashion’ at Aveda’s Catwalk for Water!


Sunday, April 30th, 2017, Minneapolis

The Avant team won ‘Best Upcycled Fashion’ at Aveda’s Catwalk for Water! Beatrice, Allen from House of Balls, Kari, and Dusty collaborated to create an amazing design. Ella, our gorgeous model, rocked the runway. It was created from old sheet music, inner workings of an old piano, a lampshade, and vintage girdle and petticoat. Stop by the salon to see it on display!

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Design Team Members:
Beatrice Bartelds
Kari Lysfjord
Dusty Rose
Allen Christian from House of Balls

Ella Hagen

This Trashion design is dedicated to Barbara Jean. Back in the day, the piano brought people together. Music is the universal language of all generations. One of the stylists contributed her mother’s collection of sheet music; she kept some for herself, shared some with fellow music lovers, and rest became hand cut flowers.

The complexity of what it takes to make one note transcends to the back art piece. The inside workings of an old piano were utilized. The hammers, the wood, and the keys were incorporated to mimic the back bone of a woman; intricate, flexible and in constant flux. The collar was created from a lampshade that topped a broken floor light.

The foundation of the look was salvaged from the bottom of a vintage petticoat that was disintegrating.  The team thought it should have one last hurrah on the outfit. It was redesigned and combined with an old girdle from a photoshoot.

Alexander McQueen’s creations inspired the design path for the hair. Enlightener and pure pigments in shades of violet and red were used for colors reflecting the covers of the music. The hair was prepped with Aveda’s volumizing tonic and control force before doing crimped waves for texture. The model’s hair was worn up to complement the neck piece.

Our make-up artist created a vintage doll look also inspired by the covers of the sheet music. Soft petal colors from the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s were used to create our look for spring.  Porcelain skin with peaches and soft pink accents give our Trashion look a timeless yet modern feel.