Mick Freund

Co-owner and Stylist


  • Co-owner at Avant since 1976
  • Worked with every industry master in England, France and the US
  • Trained in all the classic hairstyling traditions, uses a fusion approach to styling that is unique to Avant
  • Does in-house training of stylists at Avant
  • Participated in multiple Aveda Congress shows
  • Attended many classes and shows all over the world – has seen and learned all the trends, keeps current on new techniques and trends
  • In industry since: 1974 / at Avant since: 1976

Services and prices:

haircut – $00
blowout – $00
style – $00


Tu-Thu 10-7, Sat 8-3


Understands the dimensions of cutting, but knows how to be creative

Vision, mission, and/or philosophy:

Haircutting is like music, you train solidly in technique, and show creativity in how you execute a style. Tom has fully explored every discipline in the industry, and can translate his expertise into contemporary styling. He has a strong passion for all aspects of haircutting, from classic men's barbering to the latest in women's trends. Tom is a master of hair sculpting techniques that take advantage of his clients' natural hair growth and texture. He creates strong yet soft shapes that require minimum at-home care.